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KSUSA Titles 2005

By Joe Coyne on December 29, 2015 in Contests

In November 2005, KSUSA took it to the next level and brought the US Kneeboard Titles to Steamer Lane. The weather, the surf, the surfing, and the venue were awesome for this event.

The highlight of the event was the Junior division, which had the grommets charging challenging waves and the crowd on the cliff roaring.

Here’s the official press release:

Steamer Lane goes off for 2005 Kneeboard Surfing USA titles
Kneeboarders found conditions much to their liking this weekend in Santa Cruz at the 2005 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles held in glassy, overhead waves — and soaring daytime temperatures — at Steamer Lane.

Santa Ana conditions fanned temperatures well into the 80s and contributed to many inspired performances by the 65 competitors in this third annual event. Organizers, who delayed the start of the event until Friday, were rewarded when a forecast west swell arrived on schedule much to the delight of the kneeboard surfers, their families and hundreds of spectators.

Competitors such as Jon Manss, John Mel, Dave Noel, Eric Thuygerson and Roger Hughes put their local knowledge to work in the somewhat tricky conditions — fed by some extreme tide swings. Other early standouts included Barry Baker, Bill Lerner, Ed Quinn, and the U.K.’s Karl Ward — who was awarded a perfect 10 by one judge on one of his waves.

Saturday’s competition included semis and finals for all divisions as the swell gained in height and consistency. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Junior Final which included five competitors between the ages of 12 and 16. Encouraged by hoots and cheers from the assembled gallery on the cliffs, the Juniors charged waves that were the largest many had ever surfed.

Final results:

Junior Final
1 Shaun Murphy, San Diego
2 Sam Coyne, San Diego
3 Joel Young, Orange County
4 Sebastian Perez, Orange County
5 Chris Linn, Orange County

AA Final
1 Mark Robertson, Orange County
2 Dan Robertson, Orange County
3 Dave Weinbaum, Del Mar
4 Brad Colwell, San Diego
5 Paul Duquet, Texas

AAA Final
1 Ed Quinn, Los Angeles
2 Mike Sears, Santa Cruz
3 Bob Gove, San Diego
4 Jose Maldonado, Puerto Rico
5 Ed Dimick, Orange County

Open Final
1 Jack Beresford, San Diego
2 Roger Hughes, Santa Cruz
3 Barry Baker, Orange County
4 Karl Ward, United Kingdom

KSUSA hosted two very successful championships at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz in 2003 and 2004. Based on the success of these events, KSUSA has been awarded the opportunity to host the Kneeboarding World Titles & Festival in December 2006. Planning is now under way with Kneeboarders from as many as 20 countries expected to participate.

Sponsors of the 2005 KSUSA Titles and Festival include: Blast Kneeboards, Flashpoint, Freeline, Hurley, Newswell, Parkes Kneeboards, BioHazard Surfboards, Shoelkopf and Surftech.

Established in 2003, Kneeboard Surfing USA is dedicated to promoting the sport of Kneeboard Surfing through competitions, kneelo gatherings and other activities. More than 800 people from throughout the world have registered on the KSUSA.ORG website and the sport is experiencing a true renaissance in the U.S. and overseas.

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