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Kneeboard Surfing USA 2014 US Titles - Hungington Beach

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2014 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles - November 7-8, 2014

KSUSA announces that the 2014 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles has been rescheduled to November 7th & 8th. We're looking forward to another successful event. The new fall dates increase our chance of scoring good surf for the contest. We welcome competitors, friends, and family to join us in November.

Click Here For Online Registration

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2014 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles

2013-2014 NSSA Southern California Kneeboard Circuit

2013-2014 NSSA Southern California Kneeboard Circuit

Congratulations to Sean Noone for winning the 2014 NSSA National Championship. In a commanding display of kneeboarding skills, "the big guy," Sean Noone won the 2014 NSSA National Championship kneeboarding division in two to four foot surf on the south side of the Huntington Beach pier Saturday June 28, 2014. Noone started off next to the pier and got a solid hit on a right, but then moved away from the pier to surf a bigger peak that had both a left and a right. Noone had at least three good hits going right and a tiny left tube on the inside to clinch the title. Noone closes out the season winning the Salt Creek Open and the 2014 Regional and National Championship. His closest competitor, Chris Bermudez got some nice, but smaller waves and made some smooth cutbacks all the way in to score above all the other competitors. Evan Odom, Paul Devoy and Ken Cherryholmes were scrapping it out in the warm, but bumpy waves.
Congratulations to the competitors, the trophies are the biggest I have ever seen. Cool
See you guys next year!
Sep 7 HB: 1. Brad Colwell, 2. Chris Bermudez, 3. Eric Peterson, 4. Evan Odom, 5. Sean Noone, 6. Paul Devoy
Oct 5 Salt Creek: 1. Sean Noone, 2. Eric Peterson, 3. Brad Colwell, 4. Paul Devoy, 5. Tom Fish, 6. Leonard Miller
Nov 23 Seaside: 1. Brad Colwell, 2. Paul Devoy, 3. Sean Noone, 4. Eric Peterson, 5. Chris Bermudez, 6. Ken Cherryhomes
Feb 8 HB: 1. Brad Colwell, 2. Paul Devoy, 3. Chris Bermudez, 4. Sean Noone, 5. Eric Peterson, 6. Evan Odom
Mar 22 Oceanside: 1. Evan Odom, 2. Brad Colwell, 3. Paul Devoy, 4. Chris Bermudez
HB West Coast Championship May 18: 1. Sean Noone, 2. Evan Odom, 3. Paul Devoy, 4. Chris Bermudez, 5. Ken Cherryhomes
NSSA National Championship June 28: 1. Sean Noone , 2. Chris Bermudez, 3. Evan Odom, 4. Paul Devoy, 5. Ken Cherryholmes
2014 NSSA National Championship
Congratulations Sean Noone NSSA National Champ

2014 Phillip Island Kneeboard Pro - March 15-16, 2014

The 2014 Phillip Island Kneeboard Pro has been scheduled for March 15-16, 2014. Visit the Kneeboard Surfing Australia web site for more detail.

Entry forms are now online at the Surfing NSW website
2014 Phillip Island Kneeboard Pro

2013 Kneeboard World Championship

David Parkes Wins 2013 Kneeboard World Championship

David Parkes (AUS) claimed the 2013 Kneeboard Surfing World Championship in a closely fought final in challenging conditions. New Zealand's Hamish Christophers matched Parkes' 14.35 score, but lost out on a count back. Chayne Simpson finished third, less than half a point back, followed closely by former champ Michael Novakov.

2013 Kneeboard World Championship - photo ISA Tahiti Kneeboard 2013

Final Results:
OPEN: 1. David Parkes (AUS), 2. Hamish Christophers (NZ), 3. Chayne Simpson (AUS), 4. Michael Novakov (AUS)
Junior Boys: 1. Yoisis Delgado(VEN), 2. Tom Novakov(AUS), 3. Lachlan Stevens(NZ), 4. Maukino Skelton (NZ)
Senior: 1. Chayne Simpson (AUS), 2. Hamish Christophers (NZ), 3. Norbert Senescat(FRA), 4. Matthew Novakov (AUS)
Master: 1. Ruben Gutierrez (SP), 2. Denny Mendoza (VEN), 3. David Velasquez (VEN), 4. Armando Colucci (VEN)
Grand Master: 1. Gerome Blanco (FRA), 2. David Hernandez (SP), 3. Lucas Castellanos (VEN), 4. Erwan Jade (FRA)
Kahuna: 1. Pascal Luciani (TAH), 2. Steve Croton (NZ), 3. Tehei Tuahine (TAH), 4. Maui Sanford (TAH)
Gand Kahuna: 1. David Parkes (AUS), 2. Terry Day (AUS), 3. Michael Novakov (AUS), 4. Baden Smith (AUS)
ROBB: 1. Philippe Klima(TAH), 2. Murray Weir (NZ), 3. Paul Christophers (NZ), 4. Kenny Stapleton (AUS)
OPEN Girls: 1. Karelle Poppke (TAH), 2. Rabecca Heemi (NZ), 3. Maria Eugenia Rojas (VEN), 4. Patricia Rossi (TAH)
Junior Girls: 1. Karelle Poppke (TAH), 2. Eloise Stevens (NZ), 3. Emma Croton (NZ)
Senior Ladies: 1. Maria Eugenia Rojas (VEN), 2. Patricia Rossi (TAH), 3. Casey Stevens (NZ), 4. Rabecca Heemi (NZ)

2013 US Titles - 10th Anniversary - Huntington Beach

Jack Beresford Wins 2013 US Titles at Huntington Beach

Jack Beresford reclaimed the Open Championship at the 10th Annual KSUSA US Titles in Huntington Beach with a dominant display of surfing. The 10th Annual KSUSA US Titles was treated to summer like weather, light offshore breezes, and glassy contestable surf. Jack was challenged in the Open Final with impressive surfing from former US Champ Bill Lerner, first time Open finalist Sam Coyne, and Huntington standout Pat Evans. Chris Linn claimed the Junior title and surfed into the semifinals of the Open. Cathy Yturralde successfully defended her Women's division title with an outstanding performance, including a 9 point double barrel. Blacks Crew, stacked with three Open division finalists won the Sandy's Cup Team Challenge.

Open: 1- Jack Beresford, 2- Bill Lerner, 3- Sam Coyne, 4- Pat Evans
AAA: 1- Mark Robertson, 2- Mike Fernandez, 3-Sean Noone, 4- Don Harris
AA: 1- Steve Randall, 2- Eric Peterson , 3- Randy Morris, 4- Casey Patelski
Juniors: 1- Chris Linn, 2- Tony Bartovich, 3- Shayne Dimick, 4- Kai Jensen, 5- Evan Odom
Women: 1- Cathy Yturralde, 2- Cynthia Wornham, 3- Jan Fadden, 4- Linda Reuter
Team: 1- Blacks, 2- Kneelo Cove, 3- NorCal, 4- Blacks, 5- OC, 6- Juniors, 7- Mojado

KSUSA Points Ranking

2013 Open Champ - Jack Beresford

2013 US Titles - Huntington Beach

2013 US Titles Sponsors

2012 KSUSA Titles Sponsors

The generous contributions of our sponsors make this event possible. All of our sponsors support kneeboard surfing, and they deserve your recognition and support. Our sponsors help fund this event and have donated valuable products and services for this year's Raffle Mania and Live Auction.

Legless Interview - SA Kneelos take on Skeleton Bay

Legless Skeletons

South African kneelos Gigs Celliers and Mark Crawford take on Namibian barrels at Skeleton Bay. Read the stories and check out the photos on Legless.tv.

Check out Legless.tv

As a reminder, KSUSA is an organization founded on creating camaraderie in the kneeboard community. This community has grown world-wide. This website would not be here if it were not for you the contributors. Before you post, ask yourself if you are promoting camaraderie and treating people with respect. It's really very simple. We have managed to keep ourselves fairly well policed so all we ask is that you keep the content as positive and constructive as possible in the hope to build a better community. Thanks, Don

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