Knee injury

With the averge age of the kneeboarder these days this area should be used to post issues on health matters (surfer's ear, knee surgery, stretches, etc).

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Knee injury

Postby Rebecca0gee » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:45 pm

My son sprained his knee last day. He is 14 and he loves surfing. He missed two surfing classes already and he is very much disturbed because of this. Our family physician said it’s a small sprain so here’s no need of wearing splint or braces. He prescribed Acetaminophen for pain and fever. Pain is calming now but the stiffness still persists.The pain has decreased considerably since he has started walking. Our physician suggested to try physiotherapy. I’m going to take him to a nearby physiotherapy clinic. How much time it’ll take for his knees to be normal again? Will he be able to surf soon? My friend told me that a small sprain can cause bigger sprain if not cared. Is that true? What are the remedies and precautions to be taken?

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