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Gone in a circle...

Postby gunkie » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:07 pm

Hello fellow kneeboarders. Anyway I'm getting back into kneeboarding after being out of the game for a dozen years or so. I spent a decade almost exclusively kneeboarding after my shoulder went really bad... and really had a great time. I have a 5.5 x 22 Romanosky and a 5.7 x 23 Friar Tuck. Both quads and ride completely different from each other. The FT has the fin cluster way up. It's like a Ferrari if I ever actually got to drive one, I suppose. The Romanosky is a completely stable board perfect for those bigger days. I'm getting back involved as I surf all winter in NJ (US), after going through successful heavy-duty PT on my shoulder and I am solidly middle aged and usually ride a longboard on days that are not so cracking. But I want to be able to get barrelled on the better days and since a 6mm steamer and shortboard aren't going to cut it for me in my old age; so I'm cleaning up my kneeboards.

Any NJ kneeboarders out there? Depending on the swell, I'm usually at Manasquan or Sea Girt, but will venture all over the state in the winter. I saw one kneeboarder tearing it up in Rhode Island a year ago while I was (stand-up) surfing. Talked to him for a while which kind of piqued my interest once again. I wanted to build myself a new kneeboard this past summer, but I had too many orders for boards. Will probably crank one or two out during the summer of 2018 for next winter.

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